Hitron Bio Seed Coating Private Limited

Manufacturer of halo herbal seed coating polymer


Free Radical Quenching

Halogenated polymer extend shelf life of seeds through free radical quenching.


We also customise colours of your liking.


Excellent binding to hold the agro chemicals and to minimise shedding.

Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts augment seed vigour and viability.


  • Safegaurding genetic purity
  • Enable cultivar/ Hybrid/ Parental identification
  • Seals seed coat cracks, Reduces seed moisture exchange
  • Ensure early and higher field stand
  • Improved Vigour & Viability
  • Smooth & Coloured surface reduce infection & infestation
  • Enriched antioxidants through herbal extracts
  • Holds agro-chemicals uniformly

Seed Deterioration

Seed Deterioration - Matured Seed
Seed Deterioration - Free Radical Damage
Seed Deterioration - Loss in Vigor
Seed Deterioration - Environmental Factor
Seed Deterioration - Storage Hygene
Seed Deterioration - Dead Seed