A number of research trials were conducted over a period of time on different crop seeds in the laboratory, field and on-farm to ascertain the physiological manifestation of Hitron Halo Polymer on seed germination, seeding vigour, storage pests and fungi, field emergence, field stand and productivity. A number of seed quality parameters were used to evaluate the treatment effects precisely. Considering the paucity of space, only two important seed quality parameters namely, germination (%) and seeding vigour (VI) are presented for each experiment. Date were statistically analyzed in all the cases but not furnished in this abridged write up. Research data for few important crops alone are furnished here.
Paddy & Hybrid Rice - Powerful Growth
An on-farm storage study was conduted in 40 farmers holding in Kanyakumari district experiencing hot-humid conditions (Av. Temp°F + RH% = 168) with the popular cv.ASD16.

Seeds of three rice hybrids (CoRH1, THRH16, THRH17) were coated with Hitron Halo Yellow polymer (OZ10) (@ 4g/kg) and stored in cloth bags for 9 months along with untreated seeds.


Green Gram


Fresh seeds of hybrid maize (KH517) dried to 10% moisture content were coated using Hitron Pink Holo Polymer (ZMFLR1) @3g/kg, packed separated in cloth bag (CB) and HDPV bags.

Cotton Hybrid
Seed samples of six Bt hybrid cotton seeds where received from M/s. Rasi Seeds (P) Ltd., Attur, Tamil Nadu for research trial.




Fresh seedsof Sunflower Co3 were given halogenation treatment (both dry and slurry) using 3kg/kg, packed, in polylined cloth bag (PCB) at 8% moisture content and stored under ambient conditions for 8 months.


"Soya" (or "Soy" in the United States), is a legume, Glycine max (L.) Merrill. Soy has been grown for three millennia in Asia and, more recently, has been successfully cultivated around the world. Today, the world’s top producers of soy are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China and India.

About 85 percent of the world’s soybeans are processed, or "crushed," annually into soybean meal and oil.  Approximately 98 percent of the soybean meal that is crushed is further processed into animal feed with the balance used to make soy flour and proteins. Of the oil fraction, 95 percent is consumed as edible oil; the rest is used for industrial products such as fatty acids, soaps and biodiesel.

Soy is one of the few plants that provides a complete protein as it contains all eight amino acids essential for human health.

Bitter Gourd



Sugarcane is a unique crop cultivated over a wide range of agro-ecological conditions stretching from tropic to sub-tropic under a wide range of edaphic condition.